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Quick Q&A: Nate Henning, Woodbury senior

01/04/2013, 5:19pm CST
By Star Tribune

Nate Henning


Favorite events: I'm pretty much a sprinter. I'll do the sprints in relays or solo. This year, I'm starting to expand into the butterfly and the backstroke, but for the most part I'm sticking with the freestyle.

Woodbury had to replace two great swimmers who graduated, Greg Norsten and Victor Lugg. Has that been difficult? Those two guys were practically the whole team last year. It's been tough, but we have quite a few well-rounded swimmers. Even though we lost our high flyers, we feel we can pull through.

As a team captain, how do you accomplish that? Mostly by team-building. Before meets, we have pasta dinners together. We game a little bit, have some fun. After big meets, we'll have a party at someone's house.

Is it working? I think so. I think we're on an upward curve. For the first couple of weeks, it looked iffy, but now we're starting to get used to each other.

Worst part of swimming? Cold water. You have to steel yourself for the shock of it.

The best part? Interacting with all other people on the team. We're a team of brothers. I used to swim on a club team, and we didn't have as much camaraderie as we do now.

Any other interests? I'm a Boy Scout.

Are you an Eagle Scout? Yes. I'm proud of it. It's a frame of mind. It's not so much about the award but about the attitude and being confident. That's the most important thing.


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